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Dural and Sydney’s premier landscape design and build specialists

As a leading name within the industry, Earthscape Industries design and construct picturesque large and small-scale landscape projects for clients from Dural, Glenorie, Kenhurst and all over Sydney . With a passion for nature and high-quality landscaping work, we have fostered a reputation for our stylish and contemporary designs, as well as the ability to execute them to the highest degree.

Our locally based Dural team boasts in-depth design knowledge and are experienced in services such as landscape construction, earthworks, project management, and maintenance, all of which form the foundation of our work and are key to a quality finish. Earthscape Industries are ever-evolving, constantly adapting to incorporate the latest landscaping techniques and “on trend” materials.

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Expert leadership and direction

Earthscape Industries was first established back in 2002 by Director Jason Newnes. With a rural upbringing, Jason developed a passion for design and landscape construction early on in his life, and he has since had a hand in delivering stunning properties right across Sydney. Under his expert guidance for nearly 20 years, Earthscape Industries continues to flourish and attract a loyal base of satisfied clients.

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If you have an outdoor project that could benefit from Earthscape Industries’ expertise, contact us to book a consultation with our landscape design team.


A full-service landcsaping design approach

Our complete landscaping service is carried out by a leading team of in-house experts that include designers, stonemasons, builders, and horticulturalists. Tasked with carrying out a wide range of landscaping projects in Dural and across Sydney, our team always relish the opportunity to showcase their skills and never fall short of achieving the highest level of quality.

Our work encompasses all aspects of the design and construction, from the initial concept right through to the finished product.

We provide comprehensive services including concept drawing, coordinating council DA plans, excavation, landscape construction, plant supply, project management, and even the follow up property maintenance work.

By combining a diverse and experienced team with leadership that nurtures their own individual excellence, we can assist you with any landscape services you may require, adhering to strict deadlines and individual project needs.