Tight Access Excavations


Conquering small spaces to achieve your vision

Narrow passageways and tight access areas shouldn’t dictate your overall project design. At Earthscape Industries, we are Sydney’s leading experts in tight access excavation and earthworks. Our diverse fleet of excavators and machine operators can navigate a range of restrictive spaces and can be utilised for both residential and commercial applications. The team at Earthscape Industries have experience completing tight access excavations for construction sites, pool excavations, retaining wall construction, and more.

Small spaces, huge results

Boasting superior speed and manoeuvrability, our fleet of excavators can handle all your tight access excavation requirements. Fitted with rubber tracks and grass tyres, you can be rest assured that our tight access excavators won’t cause damage to your site or residential yard, and are suitable for operation around grass, paving, and other typical outdoor surfaces.

When it comes to tight access excavation, it’s imperative that you place your project in the hands of an experienced professional to minimise the risk of any costly damage. Our expert operators work with the utmost care and precision to guarantee flawless results on every occasion.

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Limited access excavation across Sydney, perfectly executed

Our team has successfully completed numerous residential excavation projects that include in-ground swimming pool installations, retaining wall constructions, driveway excavations, and landscaping earthworks. Combined with our extensive landscaping services,

Earthscape Industries can provide a complete end-to-end solution for many residential excavation projects, saving you the inconvenience of sourcing several different contractors for the one job.